• This is a fine art project by the artist Ciara McMahon exploring our subjective experience of an appetite for food.

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Birthday Cake

I’ve a confession to make : My appetite is not the first thing I think about when socialising. “Oh I can’t meet for coffee as I’ll not be thirsty at that stage, and forget about being hungry, so no eating either.” Shared convivial meals, drinks, romantic lighting spring to mid … but my appetite for … Continue reading

Cent Eire by Matthew Nevin (2011)

Performance / installation / work in progress by Matthew Nevin (2011). See the link here…. Performance Documentation:June 21st – State St & Millennium Park, Chicago. ….   (Can’t seem to get this to embed but if you click on the link it’ll bring you to the page with this short) http://player.vimeo.com/video/26233793?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&color=ffffff (reminds me changing from my drenched school uniform … Continue reading

POPPOPPOP by Michael Higgins

Director : Michael Higgins (Nov 2010)   Is it just me or does the sensation of feeling hungry have a feeling of explosive tension at times? …. Alternatively, being full is being really, really full .: )


Had an interesting conversation with a friend about being hungry last night. There’s a weird balance between pleasant hunger and a more driving, slightly out-of-control hunger (I jest with this, still, sometimes hypoglycemia is what it feels like). Some days I seem to browse just to avoid both my appetite and my hunger. Are they actually … Continue reading

breaking the night’s fast

“Epidemiological evidence, supported by an intervention study, links breakfast consumption with lower fat intakes, probably due to the higher carbohydrate and low fat content of commonly-eaten breakfast foods, such as bread and breakfast cereals. Studies relating breakfast consumption to better lipid profiles appear to suggest a particular role for fibre, while effects of breakfast on appetite and weight control require … Continue reading

And so it begins ….

In roughly a months time Body Culture, the show at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution will be up and so today marks the begining of the Tangible Appetite project. Beginnings are strange things mixtures of fear and excitement. Enough waffle. Todays appetite – how was it? I’m not too sure. It’s the begining … Continue reading